The main bedroom is somewhat of a sanctuary for most of our clients; so useful storage and a varied range of beautiful finishes need to come together to provide a long lasting and opulent look. We provide everything required including clever internal storage options, upholstery service, I.R sensor LED lights that switch on when wardrobe doors or drawers are opened, ceiling lighting and flooring.


We can fit any room at  with furniture as we make to order so troublesome stairwells, bulkheads or sloping ceilings are utilised to make the most of the space available. We also offer sliding wardrobes  with a very high specification aluminium track system meaning durability and longevity.

Being a family business we also understand the need for fitting out a children’s room to look unique for them and also maximise storage.

From nice bold colours for younger children to sleek and functional for older teens.

Why not have a look at the bedroom gallery below for some ideas or get in touch and we will be happy to plan your new bedroom for you.